Reduce Body Fat Today with the EMSCULPT NEO Procedure

These days everybody wants to look like an Instagram influencer, but sometimes your body type just won’t let you fulfill your potential. Depending on your general build and inherited genetics, gaining muscle and losing weight can be an incredible challenge, and sometimes you can work out for years without achieving your dream body.

Through plastic surgery, liposuction, and similar procedures, doctors have gradually found ways to help people look the way they’ve always dreamed, but what if you want a non-invasive option? The next step in body contouring procedures is one that is non-invasive and doesn’t take an enormous amount of commitment: the EMSCULPT NEO



This body-shaping procedure is designed to help people reduce their fat levels while increasing muscle size. It works by applying radiofrequency pulses and high-frequency electromagnetic waves [HIFEM] to the fat and muscles below. The radiofrequency warms up the fat which causes the fat to shrink and die off so your body naturally eliminates it.  The muscles are stimulated by the HIFEM pulses to contract maximally over 20,000 times in 30 minutes to boost your muscle production. 

The EMSCULPT NEO, by tricking your body into thinking it’s exercising, is building muscle without any risk of injury whatsoever. Clinical studies have shown 25% growth in muscle volume and 30% less fat on average after the treatment course with The EMSCULPT NEO. This procedure is as effective as 10 – 12 HIIT workouts in as little as 4 sessions. EMSCULPT NEO can treat the abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms, and thighs. You can get closer to that six-pack abdomen, get a beautiful butt lift, reduce those saddlebags on your thighs, and get rid of those “bat wings” on the back of your arms.

Why Go with The EMSCULPT NEO?

Liposuction and plastic surgery procedures, like the recently popular BBL [Brazilian Butt Lift] have enormous risks involved, can be incredibly expensive, and then there is the necessary downtime to recover from anesthesia and surgery.

The EMSCULPT NEO is different because it’s not just one non-invasive cosmetic procedure, it’s like 3 in one! It literally helps your body burn subcutaneous and visceral [bad] fat at an accelerated rate while simultaneously building muscles and tightening the skin. All of this while lying down, but no needles, scalpels or anesthesia! 

What Does This Procedure Feel Like?

The EMSCULPT NEO procedure is considered a non-invasive procedure because no instruments are placed inside your body. Each session is thirty minutes long, during which you’ll lay down while pads transmit the energy waves into your body. We know this sounds futuristic, but that’s because it is. This procedure has been through over 30 clinical trials and is considered to be one of the most highly researched forms of weight loss since its introduction in 2018.

After roughly four minutes, you’ll start to notice a comfortable warm feeling wherever the energy is being transmitted. You will feel the target muscle groups contract and release, though at no point does it become overwhelming or painful. After thirty minutes you are done, and can go about your regular day, workout done!

Who is a good candidate?

The best candidates for this procedure are willing to maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated.  Good hydration improves the fat loss from this procedure.  The abdominal treatment works best if your BMI is less than 35, but can still reduce visceral body fat and increases core strength which will help your health overall. If you need to build muscle, in the arms, or legs almost any body size or shape is a candidate. A pre-treatment evaluation with the provider is always recommended to determine if the procedure is for you.

Why Not Just Go to the Gym?

You can and should! The EMSCULPT NEO was developed to help anybody achieve their ideal body faster.  This includes people who might not have time to go to the gym every day due to a busy workload or a very active family life. This procedure takes little to no physical ability whatsoever, yet it allows you to shrink the fat and sculpt your body closer to what you want it to be. If you are already close to your #bodygoals we can get you there even sooner.