Five Reasons A Small Business Owner Should Get Their Staff A Total Family Wellness Membership

Did you know that business owners pay an average of over $1,800 per staff member per month for healthcare?

With a Total Family Wellness Membership, you can sign up your whole family. Adults are $100 per month, your kids, ages 0-17 are only $50 per month.  As a bonus, virtual appointments are available at no additional cost to you.

A happy and healthy staff if going to bring your business higher profits.

So Remember, you are doing the right thing by protecting your most important assets, your employees!

You will also reduce your costs with direct primary care membership fees instead of other costly programs, and you get a doctor right here in Clearwater.


Call us today! Our phone number is 727 754 4959. Email us at info@totalfamilymd.com. Find out more about the practice or even Sign Up.

Are You Fed Up With Waiting Weeks For A Medical Appointment

Just to get only a few precious minutes with your doctor?

Contact Total Family Wellness and spend more time with your doctor for personalized, high quality care!