Does Open Enrollment Give You The Willies?

Open enrollment for new insurance from employers and from healthcare.gov usually occurs during October and November for policies that start in January. There are some who do it off- cycle but these are in the minority. Lots of people get sticker shock when they find out the cost of the insurance, and that may or may not include your copay and deductible per procedure or visit during the year the policy is active.

Open Enrollment

It makes sense to have insurance for the unexpected stuff that can land you in the hospital, but there are alternatives to traditional healthcare insurance plans. There are medical co-ops, short term medical insurance [which you can renew]  and certain types of life/disability insurance that pay you if you are unable to work.

The health maintenance and urgent care you get from your primary care doctor doesn’t have to be expensive, and a direct primary care practice like mine can help you with those things. The annual membership is affordable and you can rest assured that if you have to come in the office a few times a year, or have a phone conference with me you won’t get a big bill each time. The membership works with your catastrophic coverage or high deductible insurance so we can get you the care you need when you need it. No it doesn’t apply toward your deductible, but with most people having deductibles more than $5,000 per year, and the cost of an annual membership less than $1,000 most people find the peace of mind and ease of access totally worth it.

Who do you know that has inadequate medical access, whether or not they have insurance?

They may find they like Direct Primary Care at Total Family Wellness!

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