Five Tips To Reduce Your Back To School Stress

Dr. Trinette Moss shares tips for you parents out there as your kids go back to school.  So let’s look at some ways that you can reduce your Back to School Stress.

#5 – Own It

Whatever decision that you have made, because it is the best thing for you and your family, just own it.  Once you have made the decision you will feel so much better and that will reduce your anxiety level.

#4 – Have A Backup Plan

This pandemic has a lot of things up in the air with work and with school.  You have to be able decide what to do if your first plan isn’t working out.

#3 – Schedule In Some Me Time

Schedule some time for yourself even if it’s just a short mediation. Lose the phone, get alone by yourself, even if just in your car. Turn off the radio and make sure that you have some time to destress.

#2 – Make Those Social Connections

We are social animals and we need to have those social connections.  Meet on Zoom with some friends every week. Make sure you have someone to talk to and to destress and that you can recharge from that group too.

#1 – Make Two to Three Good Choices Each Day

Grab some fruit or a salad instead of that candy bar or burger.  Get a workout in, even if it’s a quick power walk.

Reduce your stress and please share this with all of your friends if you think it will help them too.

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